Thursday, October 21, 2010

T minus 1

Only one month left before Ironman Arizona!

A few months ago I ordered a MyAthlete Shadow GPS tracking device from and it's scheduled to arrive TODAY!  I'm pretty excited about trying it out.  If you've never heard of these, they are worth checking out at your next major endurance event. It's a small pager sized device that has a built in GPS and limited cell phone.  Every 30 seconds or so, it reads your current location, direction and speed and transmits it via cell towers to the MyAthlete website so friends and family can see where you are on the course in real-time (not just when you pass over a sensor mat on the course).  It won't work during the swim, but I think my swim time will be fairly predictable so I'm not too worried about tracking during that portion (though it would be cool if it worked at some point in the future).

I'll be testing it out this Saturday on my first simulation brick (112mi bike & 6mi run) where I'll be wearing and using all of the gear I'm planning to use in Arizona. Two weeks later I'll do another simulation ride/run making adjustments based on this weekend's training.

This Sunday I'm running in the Los Angeles Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon, so I'll test the GPS device again there. I'm very curious to see how I feel on Sunday during the Half Marathon after doing the 112mi ride and 6mi run on Saturday.

Support Crew T-shirts have been designed and ordered for my whole team of Iron Sherpas.  They are scheduled to ship this Friday and will hopefully arrive next week. I REALLY hope they look OK.  I have a lot of people coming to AZ to help me and I'm sure they don't want to wear lame tshirts all day...

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Hassan said...

wow that seems like a really cool device! Dude you are going to smoke this!