Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ironman Perform

Beginning in June 2010, Ironman branded events started using Ironman Perform Sports Drink in place of Gatorade at the Bike and Run aid stations.

I read so many bad reviews of the drink in Ironman Louisville race reports that I thought I better give it a try on some of my long workouts to make sure I wouldn't have any problem with it at Ironman Arizona.

I'm happy to say that after two weeks of using Ironman Perform, I haven't had any negative issues with the drink on the bike or during my long runs.  It's a little bit too sweet for my taste, but I also think Gatorade is a little too sweet, so honestly I didn't find much difference between the products.

I still prefer my Heed/CarboPro mix, so I'll start the bike fully loaded with Heed/CarboPro. But I'm glad to know I won't have any issues with the new Ironman drink when my pre-mix runs out.


TracerX said...

Where did you buy it?

Jeff said... Buy one case, get one 1/2 off. I bought two cases and would be more than happy to share. Want some?

TracerX said...

Yes, please. We will pay you!!!

vit tornado said...

Jeff, did they indicate what flavor would be on course? I actually was in their trial 6 - 8 months ago and had they same reaction as you.

Jeff said...

I haven't seen any official indication of what flavors will be used, but I searched race reports and it looks like Mixed Berry and Lemon/Lime were offered at the Kentucky race, so that's what I ordered. I couldn't find any sign of the Mango flavor being at any of the recent races.

vit tornado said...

Thanks Jeff. I had trialed the mango, which I figured would not be one of the ones on course. I'll order some also, but if I cannot get it by the weekend, can we take you up on the offer to grab some of yours? Thanks again

Jeff said...

No problem. Just let me know and I can drop some off for you.

Jeff said...

Just heard from an Ironman insider (employee of WTC):

I don’t know about next year yet, but this year on the bike course they serve orange/mango and on the run it is lemon/lime.

I don't anticipate any issues based on the flavor of the product, but I suppose I'll order a case of the Mango just to be sure!