Sunday, October 3, 2010

3% and 3 Seconds

Last week (week 12) was my final testing week of my 20 week training plan.

Continuing to use the same route on the bike test, I increased my average power by 3.4% or an average of 9 watts for the 40 minute test.

Prior to start of training plan
223 Average Watts
10.3 mph average
65 rpm average cadence

Week 4 testing
242 Average Watts  (+8.5%)
11.5 mph average
74 rpm average cadence

Week 8 testing
263 Average Watts (+8.6% compared to week 4; 17.9% increase overall)
11.6 mph average
74 rpm average cadence

Week 12 testing
272 Average Watts (+3.4% compared to week 8; 22% increase overall)
11.8 mph average
70 rpm 
average cadence

On the run, I only improved my time by 3 seconds compared to week 8.  And really, it was probably more due to stubbornness than fitness.  I pretty much have my running speed dialed in, so it doesn't surprise me that I didn't improve much this time.

There's no more testing, but October 23rd is the first of two simulation rides - 112mi bike followed by a 6 mi run.  And on Oct 24th I'm running in the LA Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon.

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