Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chesebro Race Results

The 2010 Chesebro Half Marathon was a great event.  It's actually just one part of The Great Race of Agoura Hills.  The whole event is made up of two separate half marathons, a 10k, 5k, and a kids 1 mile run.

The Chesebro Half  wanders through Old Agoura, down Chesebro Road and onto the Cheeseboro Canyon Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. (Yes, the road is Chesebro and the trail is Cheeseboro).

I finished the race in 1:46:39

That's an average pace of 8:07 per mile
82nd place out of 1038 participants
10th out of 86 in my age group

My goal was 8:00 minute miles which would have been a new PR. I was about 2 minutes slower than my goal and less than a minute slower than my Half Marathon PR of 1:45:48

It was mostly trail running with a couple miles of street running at the start and finish of the race.  The first 8 miles were mostly uphill, with steep climbs at the 8mile and 10 mile marks.

I'm so close to a PR at this distance.  I'm looking for a flatter 13.1 course in April or May that might be a good candidate for a breaking my record.

Here are my mile splits for the race:

Split Time         Distance
1 0:07:27 1
2 0:07:49 1
3 0:08:00 1
4 0:08:03 1
5 0:08:02 1
6 0:08:47 1
7 0:08:43 1
8 0:10:08 1 (Steep climb here really killed my time)
9 0:07:34 1
10 0:07:28 1
11 0:08:16 1
12 0:07:29 1
13 0:07:54 1
14 0:00:56 0.14
Tot  1:46:41 13.14

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Hassan said...

Wow that pics makes the race look like a lot of fun! You still had a beast of a time! Trade you my time for yours hehe :)